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Calisthenics exercises to do during your holidays

Welcome to Jak Jim! Stay in shape during the summer holidays with these calisthenics exercises training just 20 minutes a day.

Calisthenics exercises are the perfect training method to perform anywhere, whether in a park, your home or the hotel room where you go on vacation. These are exercises that do not require any specific material because they use your body weight to get you in shape.

Calisthenics, although it does not use weights or machines with resistance, can become as demanding as any other training, the secret is to adapt the exercises and add variants to increase their difficulty. For this reason anyone can start in calisthenics, both those users who start from scratch to those who are already used to doing strength exercises.

The Benefits of Calisthenics

Among its benefits, in addition to being able to be practiced anywhere and be suitable for anyone, there are others that we show you below:

  • There are exercises to work any part of the body: with calisthenics there are no limits, you can work any muscle in your body.
  • Allows you to achieve any goal: whether losing weight, defining, increasing muscle mass or increasing strength, there are specific exercises and routines for each goal.
  • Save time: when it comes to intense exercises, 15 or 20 minutes a day is enough, so you will have to invest less time to get in shape.
  • You can do the exercises in a group: calisthenics has such a variety of exercises that you can even do them as a couple or with more friends. Take a look at these examples of exercises to do with your gym partner.

Calisthenics exercise routine

As we have commented, calisthenics has hundreds of exercises and in addition each one of them has its own variants to add or subtract difficulty depending on the level of the user. In this case we will propose up to 7 exercises that work both the upper and lower body.

You must bear in mind that if your level is initial (you are not used to training regularly) you should do each exercise for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds. When you finish the 7 exercises, rest for one minute and do them again. You can do these two rounds for 2 or 3 days a week.

On the other hand, if you train regularly, you can increase your working time to 55 seconds and rest for only 5 seconds. Once you have done the 7 exercises, rest for 30 seconds.

Jump Squat

The jump squat is an exercise that is used in different sports to improve the power of the legs and to improve the cardiovascular resistance, it is ideal also like exercise of heating. You must bend your knees to 90ยบ, maintain that posture for 5 seconds to eliminate the elastic energy and jump vertically.

Diamond Push Up

The diamond push up is a variant of the classic push-ups, but this time placing the hands in the center forming a diamond or rhombus with the index fingers and thumbs of both hands. The whole body must be aligned and ascend or descend at the same time, both shoulders and hips.

Walking Plank

Another variation of the classic exercises that we propose is the walking plank, a form of iron that requires you to move your body forward and return to the initial position, helping you with the hands that are continually supported on the floor.

Sitting on one leg

The following exercise will also help you improve your leg power. It is a variant of the squat but only with one support leg, which you must flex by bringing the center of gravity of your body forward to maintain balance. You can do half the time with one leg and the rest with the other.

Iron with one arm

A new variation of the plate to give it a plus of difficulty. You must place yourself on an iron with your forearms resting on the floor and your body completely straight. Once you have the controlled posture, you must extend one arm for 15 seconds, preventing the hips from moving or modifying the initial posture. Then use the other arm to perform the same action.

Iron with one leg

This time, instead of extending the arm, we should lift one of the legs more or less an inch off the ground and hold it in that position for 15 seconds. Then perform the same action with the other leg.

Plyometric Push Up

To finish, we propose this complex exercise that, if your level is initial, we recommend to replace by the traditional flexions. If you choose to do this exercise, it is a matter of quickly flexing your elbows and climbing with maximum power to take your body off the ground.

We recommend that you start by keeping the tips of your feet on the ground, keeping this part of your body in constant contact with the ground, it is a way of making a progression so that later you can perform the full exercise.